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Introducing The Envision Collective

Here at Envision Collective, we want to support minority businesses no matter the avenue. Whether it is a local boutique, a custom shoe store, or a restaurant, we believe that all deserve to shine. We want to build a community here, by supporting the businesses on the platform, but by also allowing the public to give their input. If you have a local minority owned business that you believe the world deserves to know about, fill out a form, and we will make sure they get the shine they deserve.

The Envision Collective provides a useful experience to both consumers and business owners, with features that include detailed blog posts and business rankings, access to customer reviews, integrated directions, and extensive advertising opportunities to let the world know about your business. So, no matter if you are business owner who is looking to gain popularity and traffic for your business, or simply a consumer looking to help the businesses in your local area, the Envision Collective has something to offer.

our mission

Empowering minority community through economics and promotion.

At Envision Collective, we have set a goal to provide the largest directory for minority owned businesses. We believe in the importance of supporting local minority owned businesses as it helps build up the wealth and prosperity of minority communities. For far too long, minority communities have been steps behind, partially due to a lack of support for their business ventures. We believe that if the world can come together in support of our local minority communities, we can help build up these communities, creating generational wealth, and increased opportunities for those around us who have not been as fortunate. Our hope is that through Envision Collective, minority communities will feel more comfortable knowing that they have the support of our network to promote and contribute to their entrepreneurial dreams.

100% committed

to increasing the exposure and consumer base of our affiliated businesses

Noteworthy Features


Track down your favorite businesses with directions which will easily guide you from Point A to Point B.

Easy access to business info, images, reviews, and more on each dedicated business listing

Bookmark your favorite businesses so that you never lose track of those you have previously looked at

Business Owners

Promote your listing & appear on search results when users search for similar businesses

Easily connect with your customers by accessing, listening, and responding to their feedback

Secure additional advertisement from the Envision Collective social media pages to boost your popularity

about us

Word from the founder

Myles Hutcherson is the founder of Envision Collective, a digital platform and directory devoted to helping customers across the country locate & support local minority owned businesses. Myles had a mission to positively impact the world, so he chose to do it through the avenue he knows best, technology and social media. After designing the platform for a university assignment, he decided to make his idea a reality. He set out to help the people around him in Southern California and empower those across the nation to do the same in their communities.

"The Envision Collective is a powerful network that can make a positive impact on a world which is in great need of positivity."


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